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Everything you need to know about
taking the CCW Course:
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NM DPS Instructor #'s 428/429
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Thank you for considering Clear Sight Tactical, LLC as your concealed carry
training provider. We know there are many instructors in New Mexico and we
hope that we can earn your business!

Over the years we have taught
hundreds of students who have gone on to
qualify for their NM Concealed Carry license. In our experience we have found
that many were nervous to come out to a course. Our entire business model is
geared for civilian shooters. We "aim" to create a
fun, stress-free and low
pressure environmen
t for our students and customers.

Here is what we offer:
NM Department of Public Safety approved 15 hour course. This is a two day
course and upon completion you will be eligible to apply for your New Mexico
concealed carry license (CHL).

Where and when are your courses held?
Courses are held at the City of Albuquerque Shooting Range Park located at
16001 Shooting Range access rd. We generally hold courses over two
consecutive days (Saturday & Sunday) from 9am-4:30pm.

What are the costs involved?
Our course is $99 + tax. This includes 15 hours of instruction, free firearm
, coffee, water, snacks and all range fees. The state charges a $56
application fee and a $44 fingerprint/background check fee.

Are you nervous about attending?
We have had many individuals in your same position and we can offer two pieces
of advice. We have never had any person fail the qualification shoot. During the
classroom portion we go over fundamentals in great depth and using those skills
you should be able to pass the course. We also have multiple instructors on the
line, and should you feel more comfortable shooting one-on-one with an
instructor simply let us know and we'll be sure to accommodate you while offering
expert guidance to help you pass!

I'm not sure if I qualify for a New Mexico concealed handgun license?
The basic guidelines to qualify for a concealed carry license are as follows:
21 Years of age or older
No felony convictions (Including conditional discharge)
No DWI's within the past 5 years
No misdemeanor convictions involving violence.
No Domestic Violence
If you have a specific question about your background please call 505-750-0229
or e-mail us at and we will assist you as best we

Still on the fence about concealed carry?
Many New Mexican citizens have chosen to exercise their right to self defense
from doctors, lawyers, correctional officers, stay at home moms, and many other
people from difference walks of life have come through our doors. We will assist
you in any way possible to make you feel comfortable in our courses and
welcome your calls or e-mails.

Thank you,
Anthony Landavazo & Alan Saint, Instructors
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