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Concealed Carry - Specifically for the armed citizen.

DPS Approved Instructors lead our courses. Established in 2012 we grew tired of instructors taking Military & Law Enforcement tactics then introducing them to the civilian market. While Military & L.E personnel receive excellent training that training is not always (and often seldom is) directly applicable to the armed citizen.

Our credentials include:

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Personal Protection in The Home Instructor and Range Safety Officer.
  • Deadly Force Instructor – Massad Ayoob Group Certified
  • Law of Self Defense Instructor Program Graduate
  • NM DPS Approved

Our training philosophy:

You’ll never hear us say we are the “premier” the “pinnacle” the “top tier” school. Companies that are have their students say it for them. We do not focus on “high speed” drills. Our target focus is teaching our students the fundamentals of firearms safety, basic handgun manipulation skills, and most importantly the lawful application of deadly force in a self defense scenario. Any company that claims to make you an expert, a gun fighter or tactical warrior in a 15 hour concealed carry course is very likely over-stating their product.

Think outside the box. During our course we cover a TON of material. We utilize professional grade projectors, screens and multimedia devices. There is frankly so much material to cover in a 15 hour course that we provide optional reference material for our students to review long after the course. This booklet contains  everything covered in the class as well as source and reference material.

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We offer fun and exiting firearms classeswith talented and certified instructors

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